Sweet Stuff – mega candy taste test

Last weekend before going out we decided to try some Romanian candy. We went to Auchan and choose whatever caught our attention. We were with 7 people and rated the candies from a scale of 1 to 10. There were minus grades given as well, but that will be counted as a 1.  I’ll give the average of the scores that have been given as well as some comments. These were the testers:

  • Marian (from AIESEC Iasi)
  • Mario (from AIESEC Iasi)
  • Max (Intern from Germany)
  • Patrick (Max’s friend from Germany)
  • Joao (Intern from Portugal)
  • Maria (you know who)
  • Me (Martine)

We don’t know the exact names of all the candies, so hopefully our descriptions and pictures will help you in deciding which one you would like to try.

Bucuria: Licurici Iris

This is a soft caramel candy. Personally the texture was too dry for me but the taste was OK. However, most thought the other way round. According to Mario and Joao the texture was OK, but the taste was lacking. Marian thought it tasted like shit.

Average grade: 4,9



Cipi Caco

These were hard candies supposed to taste like chocolate. No one liked it, except for me. Even minus grades were given. Maria thought it tasted like nothing and was too hard.

Average grade: 2,1



Chocolate with peanut

The name says it all. While you expect this to be a cult favorite cause it’s quite common everywhere, it wasn’t. According to Patrick the texture was nice, but the taste was average. Marian thought it had a good aftertaste.

Average grade: 4,9



Bucuria: Iris cu lapte

This is something with caramel and milk, but really not that memorable. Mario thought the texture was too dry.

Average grade: 5


White stuff with peanut

Again, all is in the name. Really descriptive huh. No one liked it. I thought it was too hard and according to Maria it wasn’t sweet at all. Patrick said that the loves nuts, but this was shit.

Average grade: 1,2


Colored rice crispies

At least, that’s what I think it is. I actually liked it and thought it eats away easily. The aftertaste is not so great though. However, no one agreed with me. Marian even said it cannot be eaten.

Average grade: 3


Various colors Turkish Delish

Damn son. Not that good. Actually very bad. Auchan has waaaayy better Turkish delight. This was way too hard.

Average grade: 1,7


Cipi toffee strawberry

This is a strawberry flavored toffee. It’s becoming a bit boring, but again this wasn’t a favorite. According to Marian and Patrick the taste was OK. However, Patrick thought the candy itself was too hard.

Average grade: 4,3



White chocolate with almond

This was one of our favorites. Only max didn’t like it because he doesn’t like white chocolate (savage).

Average grade: 7,5


Tiramisu flavored chocolate with peanut

Another favorite. Even though the aftertaste was bitter.

Average grade: 7


Cola gummies

The usual, you know. I don’t even know why we had this one. However, no one was enthusiastic about this. Mario thought it was too hard and too sweet.

Average grade: 3,1


Christmas candies

Can’t remember how they tasted like, but considering the average grade, maybe that’s for the better.

Average grade: 4,6


Blue chocolate jelly

This was chocolate filled with blue jelly. I heard an “ewwww” when this came out. Maria even refused to eat. The texture just isn’t my thing. Hefty minus grades were given as well (as far as -15). The only one liking it were Patrick and Marian.

Average grade: 3,3


Red chocolate jelly

Same idea as the blue one. The taste was better than the blue one but still not great. However, Marian gave it a 10.

Average grade: 4,6

Hard mint chocolate drop

Really descriptive name, really poor execution. In my opinion, this was by far the worst one. Marian didn’t even want to try it.

Average grade: 1,6


By the looks of it, of the 15 candies we tried, we would only recommend the white chocolate with almond and tiramisu flavored chocolate with peanut, and disregard everything else. Personally, and this goes for Maria as well, we would recommend the red Turkish delight. We didn’t try it here, but we basically buy that every week. I can say that by the end of this candy taste test, we were the ultimate candy experts.



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