Sweet Stuff – Papanasi at La Bolta Rece

We’re quite failing at trying as many places with papanasi as possible, but that doesn’t mean we’re not enjoying it anymore. Last week we went to La Bolta Rece to try some.

We didn’t have dinner beforehand since every time we had papanasi, it was a meal on itself. Now we would have more room for some delicious papanasi. Or so we thought.

La Bolta Rece seems to be a restaurant with typical Romanian cuisine, but we don’t know since we barely looked at the menu. It’s in a quite secluded street and the actual restaurant is in a basement. It looks very cozy.

serenade me some more please

The papanasi was 10 lei, which is a fair price, considering all the papanasi we had before were around the same price. When it was arriving to our place, we could smell the cheese from miles. Maria’s face went from excitement to disappointment in just milliseconds because of the smell. And that’s not all. We got one disappointment after the other when we discovered the papanasi looked like this:


Why so small La Bolta Rece? We were hungry while eating it. And size wouldn’t have mattered if it actually tasted good. But it didn’t. It was too cheesy. While papanasi consists of cheese, it’s usually not this overpowering. Besides this, the sauce was too runny. It was more like a flavored water. Considering all this, we would obviously not recommend eating papanasi here.

Stars: 1,5/5


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