Favorite places of Rui

Today is another guest post. Like I said earlier, Maria and I aren’t the biggest party animals. However, someone who does know a thing or two about Iasi night life is Rui. He stayed here from January till October and has thoroughly enjoyed everything Iasi has to offer. Hope you’ll enjoy his post!

During my stay in Iasi, I found some places that I really enjoyed.

I can start saying that, since I’m Portuguese, alcohol is a “must”. Having long parties with tons of alcohol is in our blood. For drinking, I totally recommend Taverna. It’s a nice place, sometimes they do karaoke nights and the drinks are very cheap. Also, next to Taverna, there’s a place for shots called La Baza. Really strong and cheap shots. And if you are interested in dancing you can try Underground. It’s more like a disco, but drinking is not so expensive either. These 3 places are next to each other and in one night you can visit them all!

For some good music and sophisticated place, you can try The Trumpets. As the name tells you, it’s a place where sometimes they do a trumpets concert. This place is next to a mall called Palas (next to the Palace of Culture).

Also, and in the way of fancy, Palas Mall has some interesting places to have a drink during the afternoon (for example, Madison). But be aware that these are not places to go and drink a lot or to dance, it’s more like to relax and have a chat!

And after a long night of alcohol, nothing better than eating something! They have a place called Mamma Mia open 24h/7 in Iasi.

These are only a few of my favourite places, but you have so much more in Iasi. Hope see you all in Iasi! (This message is for everyone I met in Iasi and the ones that are coming!)



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