A bunch of nice places

Three months is not enough time to visit all the cafés and bars in Iasi, but we have been to a few cool places so far. Today part 1 of some nice places to grab a drink or a bite. Or multiple bites. Because we’re usually couch potatoes this list is not gonna be that long.

Beer Zone

Beer Zone was one of the first places we were introduced to. Like the name says. It has beers. A lot of them. From all over the world. If you like trying different kinds of beers then you should definitely go here. Apparently the menu doesn’t even have all of them so definitely ask the people behind the bar for recommendations.


Meru is a very hipsterish café/bar in Copou. It has cool art on the walls and it’s a good place to get to know hipster Iasi students. You can also play board games and some tables have a chess setup already. If you want to get hammered while stimulating your brains at the same time, this is the place for you.


Retro has kinda the same vibes as Meru but less alternative. It feels really homey and chill. Again, a great place to get to know other people if you’re tired of staring to old people’s faces in the tram all day every day. This does not come from a place of deep rooted frustrations. Not at all.

La Folie

All we can say is: if you love cakes and sweets, this is THE place to be. Enough said.

Buena Vista

If you’re into South American cuisine and those exotic vibes, Buena Vista has got exactly that. The place is especially nice during warmer Iasi nights as it hosts a terrace. Great place for a date too *wink wink*

Obviously, we’ve been to more places. We’re not THAT lazy. Who knows if we’ll ever share them. Sometimes, we like to be ~mysterious~.


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