“Why should interns come to Iasi?”

As we’ve mentioned a few posts ago, we came to Iasi because of AIESEC. Immediately, we were welcomed with open arms. We asked three AIESEC Iasi members the simple questions of: “why should interns come to Iasi?” and this is what they had to say.


Why Iaalexandrasi?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself! I was living inanother city until I had to come here, in Iasi, for studies. And now I have had two years, and keep counting, since I am living in this beautiful city. Iasi offered me the chance to develop myself personally and also professionally. Iasi gave me the chance to choose between a lot of versions of who I can be in the future. Iasi offered me beautiful people that supports me and believe in me.

So why Iasi? Because this Iasi is the perfect place if you want to grow to a better version of yourself.


Iamariansi is one of the biggest cities in Romania, and the biggest one in the east. It’s a city full of universities so it’s full of students and young people. It is a city full of history and old buildings that are really impressing. The architecture is really nice.

Besides all this, Iasi is said to have the most beautiful mall in Romania and there are a lot of cool places where you can have a coffee or a drink.



alexIasi is a city which has a very beautiful history that everyone who comes here should know about. It is a city with a very strong cultural environment which, unfortunately, it is showcased more by the foreign people who come here. Every international that came in this city went home with a totally different perspective about Iasi and Romania. It is hard to describe the city in a few words that is why I encourage all of you to come here and explore the beauty of this city and this country.


Besides all this, I think it’s kinda cool to stray away from the big cities everyone has heard about and discover something new, with new challenges and possibilities that come along with it. Hopefully these testimonials gave a bit more insight into Iasi and why you should consider doing an internship, study abroad semester, or just generally come here. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!




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