Sweet Stuff – Papanasi at Restaurant Oscar

After asking some local Romanians where we could find the best Papanasi in Iasi, ‘Oscar’ was named quite a few times. So full of high expectations we finally went there a few Sundays ago, not only for the papanasi, but for a dinner as well.

The restaurant looks real fancy, but luckily the prices aren’t as ridiculously high as in Western Europe. For a main course you pay around 30/35 lei (~€7), but you can make it as expensive or cheap as you want. The plates are quite big, so while the prices are cheap, the servings, luckily, are not. Also, they have a menu in English, which Curtea did not have.

We started with a cosmopolitan and proceeded to our main course. The cosmo was quite strong, so you definitely get a bang for your 12 lei buck. The main course was nothing special to be honest, we got ribs with some fries  and a garlic sauce, and broccoli baked in cheese. It was rather tasteless and not as traditionally Romanian as the menu suggested.

Then, the moment we have been waiting for our whole lives. The epitome of Romanian cuisine. The mother of all deserts. The papanasi.


It. Looked. GLORIOUS. For only 16 lei, you get this amazing amount of papanasi. We could’ve easily skipped the main course. However, all our hopes and expectations were crushed as soon as we put our knife in the thing. Whereas the papanasi at Curtea Berarilor was warm and crispy when it was served, the papanasi at Oscar was cold and we could barely get our knife through. I still have blisters. The topping, which was sour cream with berry jam, was definitely better than at Curtea, but the centerpiece itself disappointed in texture as well as flavor. It was chewy, dense and lacked sweetness. It was definitely not freshly made and felt like bricks on our stomachs. The aftermath wasn’t too great either to say the least.

The aftermath

So, would we go back to Oscar again? Probably definitely not. BUT, we may just have come on a wrong day and their stuff usually might be amazeballs. However, based on our experience we would not recommend going there for the papanasi, and going to Curtea Berarilor instead (unpopular opinion).

Rating: 2,5/5 stars


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