Reasons to go to Iasi

As a continuation of our last post about the challenges of living in Iasi, today a post about reasons to definitely visit Iasi. Be it for a holiday or as an expat.

Iasi is Romania’s cultural capital. At least that’s what Wikipedia is saying and Wikipedia always has the mightiest word. If you for whatever reason end up not liking it here, blame it on Wikipedia not us. But all jokes aside, Iasi has some beautiful places. Palas is the obvious one of course, but areas like Copou and Union Square (Piata Unirii) are definitely worth visiting and strolling around in. Not to mention all the café’s where you can get food and drinks for a dime.

Which brings me to my next reason you should go to Iasi. Everything is so cheap. With everything we mean food because that’s all we buy. They have a lidl but we wouldn’t even recommend going there because 1. you can get food way cheaper than that and 2. far less choice. Our favorite place to do our groceries is at Auchan in the Palas Mall (which is also one of our favorite spots for obvious reasons). There are SO. MANY. CHOICES. Every week we buy half of that store because we spent way too much time in there and our eyes are bigger than our stomachs (or are they?). The food at the food court is also very cheap. On average you pay around 5 euros for a solid meal. Taking the cab is also very affordable. From Palas to our place (5 minute drive) we spent about 2 euros. that’s right, TWO. Cray cray.

Staying in the realms of food, that should be a reason in itself to at least go to Romania once. They like to steal recipes from other cultures, so you know it can only be good. Better to steal something well, than make it badly as we would say in Dutch.

And if you ever feel the need to escape Iasi, Moldova is a 40 minute car drive away. For 35 lei you can take a bus to Chisinau and make a day trip out of it. Everything there is even cheaper. I didn’t think that was even possible. Since Iasi has an airport, you can easily go to places like Bucharest, Cluj, or other European places if you fancy. But really, who wants to leave Iasi?

We both came on this internship with AIESEC, which makes everything way easier and we would definitely recommend doing this. Like we said briefly in the last post, once the people get to know you, they will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Any issues or discomforts we could resolve or talk about with them if we feel the need to. Also on the internships they are understanding of the fact that you came here with AIESEC, so that your experience should not be one-dimensional.

To end this post in the words of our fellow expats who went back to their own country: “I was someone in Romania, now I’m no one”


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