Sweet Stuff – Papanasi at Curtea Berarilor

This blog wouldn’t be called papaiasi if we didn’t throw an occasional review about the papanasi we eat. Our aim is to find the best papanasi in town during our stay here. The papanasi at Curtea Berarilor Timișoreana is the first one to hit this series off.

The first week we arrived in Iasi we were invited by Rui, another expat from Portugal, to try papanasi at Curtea (that’s how the locals call it) (jk I don’t know). Yet to be introduced to this delicious goodness, we accepted his invite. We were surprised to find out where Curtea actually is. You have to access it by taking the stairs down, so it’s underground. Us coming from lands flatter than a coin, you can only imagine this was a major shock to us but we bravely carried on.

down the rabbit hole we go

For only 10,50 lei (~€2,30) you get a big piece of papanasi. The best way to describe it would be like a fried doughnut with a cream cheese and jam topping. Apparently there’s cottage cheese in the dough as well, but don’t be thrown off by that idea because it doesn’t taste cheesy at all. The papanasi at Curtea is a meal on itself, unless you’re really hungry, which we all are.

The papanasi at Curtea is served warm. The outside is crispy while the inside is still soft. It’s sweet, but not too sweet and feels like an explosion of happiness in your mouth. The only thing we can say it that it tasted really good. We have been there three times now and have only been disappointed the third time. The papanasi then was too crispy on the outside and too soft on the inside. The contrast was too big which made it chewy and taste a bit blah. The first two times however, it tasted great and we would definitely recommend this place. But might we add that we could’ve been overwhelmed by the newness of it and therefore our search for the best papanasi still continues.

Stars: 3,5/5




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