We out here

Papaiasi? What is that? And what am I doing on this blog? Well, it’s really simple. We combined our favorite Romanian desert – papanasi (pronounced as: papanash) – with the place we live in at the moment – Iasi (pronounced as Iash). And this blog has everything to do with both of them. Occasionally you’ll also be able to find travel posts providing you with information from both more and less civilized places.

We are two girls, Maria (Denmark) and Martine (The Netherlands), who are currently residing in Iasi for a few months because of our internships. So we’re basically the faces behind the blog, the authors of these impeccably written pieces, the ones you can turn to after a long day. This blog is kinda like a guidebook for anyone living in Iasi as an expat, or if you just happen to end up here somehow.

And if you’re wondering what binds us together… we’re roommates.

We hope you’ll enjoy!


Can you tell we’re excited?






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